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Scarpa Matrix Gear > Ski > Ski Touring > Touring Boots > Scarpa Matrix The Matrix is the latest ski touring boot from Scarpa, the respected Italian mountaineering equipment manufacturer. Perhaps better known for their competition boots, the Matrix is designed lớn respond lớn ski mountaineers demanding both uphill and downhill performance.’

This sets it up against stiff competition in the form of the Garmont Mega Ride G-Fit. The boot is a traditional low shell, three-clip + powerstrap design but responding to recent fashions in the alpine boot market it is moulded in translucent Peebax®. The colour is described as cedar, a kind of pleasant dull orange. The boot is compatible with the excellent Dynafit binding system, increasing the range of boots available.

The boot can also be used, and was tested, with standard touring bindings. However the Scarpa Vibram® makes it unsuitable for use in standard alpine bindings, but why would you? The shell offers a forward lean angle adjustable between 18 and 24 via an hex key at the rear of the boot.

A moving indicator at the back of the boot shows the amount of lean that has been dialled in, so you can make sure that both boots are adjusted symmetrically. One of the complaints of the Scarpa Laser was the soft forward flex with little progression. Some skiers found they lacked control and precision on descents, particularly in difficult conditions.

The Matrix aims to address these problems. The shell is made from double injection Peebax and features a stiffer cuff. We certainly had no difficultly on steep boilerplate descents as you can see from the photo. Scarpa Matrix Ski Boot The lack of height in the shell, especially when compared lớn the Megaride, is compensated for the new Scarpa Plus Fit XXT thermoformable liner.

This is made from hard foam, as it should be for touring use. With the powerstrap this offers quite a bit of extra support The fitting process is an experience in itself and we would seriously recommend visiting a good boot-fitter with a range of touring boots, not just the Matrix. We found the shell fitted a larger foot than the Megaride. Scarpa are known for a high heel-arch.

The thermoformable liner will never be comfortable until baked and will even pack out a small bit in use. A proper shell test is more important than ever as you won’t be able lớn rent the boots, at least not with the thermo liner. The Scarpa website states that the boot is available in sizes 4.5 lớn 13 with half sizes. However shells and inners are actually only made in whole sizes. The claim is that the thermo boot will pack out at least a half size so there is less need for intermediate sizes. The smallest size should please women who are not that well catered for.

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